Monday, 16 December 2013

Work, work and TV Seriels..

Dear Bloggers,
My cheesecake turned out so good, I made it twice in one week and ate it all by myself. But by the time I finished, I was ready to puke; now I’m craving salted pistachios while revising. I like to eat while revising and watch something. During my summer exams I watched ‘Supernatural’ up to season 7. Now I’m watching CSI and I’m on season 6. I’m hoping to get up to date before New Year’s, even though I’ve seen half of them.
That is my Christmas. Lie on my bed while watching CSI and revise. Even though I only have two exams, its third year and I’m aiming for a 2:1 if not higher. For cancer biology, the plan is to memorise the whole text book by heart, which shouldn’t be hard since I’m good at memorizing. Medical Biochemistry is a whole different story. I just understood what all the lectures where about and put it into my own context with the help of ‘Clinical Biochemistry – Nessar Ahmed’. Now I need to revise it, do the past papers, including the essay questions and memorise that too. This year we had a three day gap between the two exams, better than last year. We had four exams in five days. By the last exam I was dead on my feet.
That’s only half my Christmas; the other is trying to do my introduction for my dissertation. 10-15 pages of introduction. Great. I’m going to be reading journals like a crazy person high on 7up. It shouldn’t be that bad, the presentation we had to give gave us an idea of what to include in it. I guess there’s no rush but I’d rather get it over and done with. Next term looks really busy and that’s not including my labs. I guess I’m trying to make my life easy.
A man once told me (My Dad!) that life isn’t hard, nothing in life is hard, everything is easy; we just have to make it that way.
For anyone who has exams, Good Luck. For those who have a relaxing holiday ahead of them, Merry Christmas.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Keep Calm and eat Cake :)

Hi Bloggers,

I am a free Bird, I have completed my Microbiology Wiki, I have handed in my Atherosclerosis essay, even though my name with my student ID was plagiarized and I reviewed the cancer paper and sat the exam. I was nervous at first, I understood the paper but we didn’t know what kind of questions to expect. It was the first time sitting an exam like this. It could have been worse, our lecturer could have given the paper in the exam hall and then we’d have 50 minutes to read the paper, understand the paper and answer 33 questions on it, at least we had two weeks to review this paper.

Last year this time, Thor 2 was filming in the Greenwich campus, and even though Medway is my campus, I actually study in Greenwich library. So I treated my self and finally watched Thor 2 and had my eyes wide open trying to find a girl in the red hoodie who might have been me in the background. Sadly I wasn’t there. But it was a good movie and Loki is an amazing actor. I then watched Now You See Me with a bowl of salted popcorn and I was so amazed I watched it twice. I thought the idea was amazing!!! Four magicians brought together by a man to rob banks and they get away with it, and they don’t even keep the money. Through out the whole movie you just wander who brought them together and why.  And in the end when they show you who it was, you just don’t expect it. It was so good.

And finally, I am going to make Chocolate Cheese cake but with less chocolate. I am going to try settle this craving but only if it turns out right, like the picture. Baking is not for me and the best part is, this cake doesn’t need to be baked, it needs to be fridged (this is not a word), Happy days for me!!!

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s how you make the cake.

Peace Out, Bloggers and remember, Keep Calm and eat Cake :) 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Bumpy Ride Pt. 1

Hello Bloggers,

Five weeks into third year and October is nearly finished. My modules this term are 1) Medical Microbiology 2) Medical Biochemistry and 3) Cancer Biology which holds more interest than the other for me. For my final year project, I chose Cancer Biology as that’s what I want to do my masters in, but I love drug delivery. But good news is that my project is related to cancer; in simple English, I’m finding a cure to a virus (HPV), which can potentially cause cancer (cervical cancer and skin cancer via warts). It sounds interesting but I’m in for a long ride. I’m already buried under coursework, I just caught up with my lectures and now I need to do my coursework, I’ve done my Microbiology Wiki, which I’m over by 50 words and I need to do my 2000 word essay on Atherosclerosis.

And I need to review a scientific paper, kill me now! It’s so long and it’ll probably take three days for me to baby-proof all that scientific language for me to understand it. We need more hours in a day for me to actually keep up with the work and my social life. But all I can do is keep up and motivate myself with cheese-cake.

I’ve suddenly had a liking to chocolate cheese-cake; I never did like cheese-cake, carrot cake or doughnuts for that matter. Too sweet for me but I liked my friends cheese-cake and I have to get the recipe from her. And I discovered that I hate lilies; the flower. Oh do they smell, I feel dizzy when I walk into the room with lilies. They’re only nice to look at. Period.

I haven’t seen any movies lately, but I want to see Thor 2. I am motivated to work all night just to see Thor 2. But commuting to Medway, gives me two hours to read. So this week my sister got me hooked on ‘Knight in Shining Armani’ on Wattpad. It’s about a wedding planner who finds out her fiancĂ© is cheating on her with her best friend and she’s pregnant. So she calls the wedding off but her ex-fiancĂ© and pregnant best friend decide to go on with her dream wedding. So she pays a bartender to pretend to be in love with her and be rich. But the truth is, he really is rich and he really is in love with her. But she’s not ready to be in a relationship or be with someone so rich. And I guess I agree with her but my sister doesn’t. However, it’s a good book.

And behind every stack of books is a flood of some sort of knowledge.

See You Later Bloggers.


Monday, 2 September 2013

My First Ever Blog!!

Hi Bloggers,

This is my first ever blog so I’m a little over excited. I've never blogged let alone updated my Facebook status.
I’m currently working for the Enquiry Unit for Clearing which is a good experience because now I have experienced both sides of this process and I’m okay with picking up the phone. I like doing the things I fear the most, it’s a good way to get over the fear. However, Congratulations to everyone who got into Greenwich, you are going to love it!

I also can’t stop thinking about salted pop-corn, it’s a major craving at the moment and I’m pushing away that feeling with green grapes. I need pop-corn! I get these weird craves all the time and it drives mummy bear off the edge, but she’s in Paris at the moment enjoying her holidays. I miss her and now I’m stuck with my little sister’s bad cooking. I don’t know why she cooks when she knows she can’t, she’s a baker, period. I’m the cook out of the two us; I can’t bake to save my life. I was hoping for my mum to give me a recipe for her Indian biscuits but she’s not here and I don’t want to encourage my sister to burn the kitchen down.

I've been reading Harry Potter again, and now that my parents are on holiday, I can’t wait to get home, sit on my sofa with a bucket of salted pop-corn and watch the Harry Potter movies. I'm one of the biggest Harry Potter fans. That’s my motivation every time I get to North Greenwich Station and am forced to get on to that packed Jubilee train to get home.  The fact that the Jubilee line and the circle line are always packed should be a tourist attraction of London. Without those trains being packed all the time, London just wouldn't be London.

I’m excited to start third year, I can’t wait to be busy again. If I’m not doing anything then I’m eating. I can’t wait to start my final year project; it’s something different that I've never done before so I want to do it.

Different isn't always bad, it can be good too.

Talk to you later, Bloggers 8)