Monday, 16 December 2013

Work, work and TV Seriels..

Dear Bloggers,
My cheesecake turned out so good, I made it twice in one week and ate it all by myself. But by the time I finished, I was ready to puke; now I’m craving salted pistachios while revising. I like to eat while revising and watch something. During my summer exams I watched ‘Supernatural’ up to season 7. Now I’m watching CSI and I’m on season 6. I’m hoping to get up to date before New Year’s, even though I’ve seen half of them.
That is my Christmas. Lie on my bed while watching CSI and revise. Even though I only have two exams, its third year and I’m aiming for a 2:1 if not higher. For cancer biology, the plan is to memorise the whole text book by heart, which shouldn’t be hard since I’m good at memorizing. Medical Biochemistry is a whole different story. I just understood what all the lectures where about and put it into my own context with the help of ‘Clinical Biochemistry – Nessar Ahmed’. Now I need to revise it, do the past papers, including the essay questions and memorise that too. This year we had a three day gap between the two exams, better than last year. We had four exams in five days. By the last exam I was dead on my feet.
That’s only half my Christmas; the other is trying to do my introduction for my dissertation. 10-15 pages of introduction. Great. I’m going to be reading journals like a crazy person high on 7up. It shouldn’t be that bad, the presentation we had to give gave us an idea of what to include in it. I guess there’s no rush but I’d rather get it over and done with. Next term looks really busy and that’s not including my labs. I guess I’m trying to make my life easy.
A man once told me (My Dad!) that life isn’t hard, nothing in life is hard, everything is easy; we just have to make it that way.
For anyone who has exams, Good Luck. For those who have a relaxing holiday ahead of them, Merry Christmas.