Friday, 22 November 2013

Keep Calm and eat Cake :)

Hi Bloggers,

I am a free Bird, I have completed my Microbiology Wiki, I have handed in my Atherosclerosis essay, even though my name with my student ID was plagiarized and I reviewed the cancer paper and sat the exam. I was nervous at first, I understood the paper but we didn’t know what kind of questions to expect. It was the first time sitting an exam like this. It could have been worse, our lecturer could have given the paper in the exam hall and then we’d have 50 minutes to read the paper, understand the paper and answer 33 questions on it, at least we had two weeks to review this paper.

Last year this time, Thor 2 was filming in the Greenwich campus, and even though Medway is my campus, I actually study in Greenwich library. So I treated my self and finally watched Thor 2 and had my eyes wide open trying to find a girl in the red hoodie who might have been me in the background. Sadly I wasn’t there. But it was a good movie and Loki is an amazing actor. I then watched Now You See Me with a bowl of salted popcorn and I was so amazed I watched it twice. I thought the idea was amazing!!! Four magicians brought together by a man to rob banks and they get away with it, and they don’t even keep the money. Through out the whole movie you just wander who brought them together and why.  And in the end when they show you who it was, you just don’t expect it. It was so good.

And finally, I am going to make Chocolate Cheese cake but with less chocolate. I am going to try settle this craving but only if it turns out right, like the picture. Baking is not for me and the best part is, this cake doesn’t need to be baked, it needs to be fridged (this is not a word), Happy days for me!!!

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s how you make the cake.

Peace Out, Bloggers and remember, Keep Calm and eat Cake :)