Monday, 2 September 2013

My First Ever Blog!!

Hi Bloggers,

This is my first ever blog so I’m a little over excited. I've never blogged let alone updated my Facebook status.
I’m currently working for the Enquiry Unit for Clearing which is a good experience because now I have experienced both sides of this process and I’m okay with picking up the phone. I like doing the things I fear the most, it’s a good way to get over the fear. However, Congratulations to everyone who got into Greenwich, you are going to love it!

I also can’t stop thinking about salted pop-corn, it’s a major craving at the moment and I’m pushing away that feeling with green grapes. I need pop-corn! I get these weird craves all the time and it drives mummy bear off the edge, but she’s in Paris at the moment enjoying her holidays. I miss her and now I’m stuck with my little sister’s bad cooking. I don’t know why she cooks when she knows she can’t, she’s a baker, period. I’m the cook out of the two us; I can’t bake to save my life. I was hoping for my mum to give me a recipe for her Indian biscuits but she’s not here and I don’t want to encourage my sister to burn the kitchen down.

I've been reading Harry Potter again, and now that my parents are on holiday, I can’t wait to get home, sit on my sofa with a bucket of salted pop-corn and watch the Harry Potter movies. I'm one of the biggest Harry Potter fans. That’s my motivation every time I get to North Greenwich Station and am forced to get on to that packed Jubilee train to get home.  The fact that the Jubilee line and the circle line are always packed should be a tourist attraction of London. Without those trains being packed all the time, London just wouldn't be London.

I’m excited to start third year, I can’t wait to be busy again. If I’m not doing anything then I’m eating. I can’t wait to start my final year project; it’s something different that I've never done before so I want to do it.

Different isn't always bad, it can be good too.

Talk to you later, Bloggers 8)