Friday, 25 October 2013

Bumpy Ride Pt. 1

Hello Bloggers,

Five weeks into third year and October is nearly finished. My modules this term are 1) Medical Microbiology 2) Medical Biochemistry and 3) Cancer Biology which holds more interest than the other for me. For my final year project, I chose Cancer Biology as that’s what I want to do my masters in, but I love drug delivery. But good news is that my project is related to cancer; in simple English, I’m finding a cure to a virus (HPV), which can potentially cause cancer (cervical cancer and skin cancer via warts). It sounds interesting but I’m in for a long ride. I’m already buried under coursework, I just caught up with my lectures and now I need to do my coursework, I’ve done my Microbiology Wiki, which I’m over by 50 words and I need to do my 2000 word essay on Atherosclerosis.

And I need to review a scientific paper, kill me now! It’s so long and it’ll probably take three days for me to baby-proof all that scientific language for me to understand it. We need more hours in a day for me to actually keep up with the work and my social life. But all I can do is keep up and motivate myself with cheese-cake.

I’ve suddenly had a liking to chocolate cheese-cake; I never did like cheese-cake, carrot cake or doughnuts for that matter. Too sweet for me but I liked my friends cheese-cake and I have to get the recipe from her. And I discovered that I hate lilies; the flower. Oh do they smell, I feel dizzy when I walk into the room with lilies. They’re only nice to look at. Period.

I haven’t seen any movies lately, but I want to see Thor 2. I am motivated to work all night just to see Thor 2. But commuting to Medway, gives me two hours to read. So this week my sister got me hooked on ‘Knight in Shining Armani’ on Wattpad. It’s about a wedding planner who finds out her fiancĂ© is cheating on her with her best friend and she’s pregnant. So she calls the wedding off but her ex-fiancĂ© and pregnant best friend decide to go on with her dream wedding. So she pays a bartender to pretend to be in love with her and be rich. But the truth is, he really is rich and he really is in love with her. But she’s not ready to be in a relationship or be with someone so rich. And I guess I agree with her but my sister doesn’t. However, it’s a good book.

And behind every stack of books is a flood of some sort of knowledge.

See You Later Bloggers.