Monday, 23 June 2014

What A Wonderful World

Exams are finished as I've got my results for this year and I have surprised myself with what I got. People say the last year of university is hard. Last year’s students said it's better than second year. I still don't know what to think. For me second year was hard but maybe that was because we didn't have January exams. This year we did but I also had two jobs against my mums better judgement and I made it but I am tired, more mentally than physically. But it doesn't change the fact that I keep checking my results every day hoping they won't change.

We assume change is good but it doesn't always have to be. What if my results go down? No, I'm happy with what I've got.
So far I've had no luck with my graduation dress; I walked the whole of Lakeside and found nothing. Till I got home and saw a dress on sale online so I ordered and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We've all heard stories about ordering clothes online so one is hoping that this dress is as good as it looks and it fits me nicely.

But on the plus side, my mum has her dress for my graduation. She wanted to wear an Indian Saree but my sister and I convinced her otherwise. This is an English event and so she should wear English clothes, experience another culture and she has a nice figure, so why not? It's not about forgetting my culture; it's about experiencing and adopting another culture too. Something my mum taught while she worked in a care home with various elderly patients who came from different backgrounds and an advantage is that I've learned to cook all sorts of dishes, from Indian cuisine to African to Mexican and it's amazing, especially if you love food.

I have also started reading. Something I banned myself from because I realised I was reading too much fiction than text books. But I read ‘The fault in our Stars’ because my sister wanted to read it. I didn’t want to because this is the kind of book that would change your life forever. Like when I read ‘The Best of Me’ by Nicolas Sparks, I cried and then got myself a donor card. But I would totally recommend it. I think it’s a great book to change people’s perspective on cancer patients and after reading this book I am even more determined to do cancer therapeutics.  It was something that would make you laugh out loud and make you hold back tears. I’m trying not to give out any spoilers.

I also read Divergent and I’m nearly through Insurgent but I prefer the books over the movies. It’s the kind of book which allows you to stretch your imagination. But I feel like it’s a lot like the Hunger Games in terms of the adventure and setting.

On another plus side, guess who got tickets to the Summer Time Ball. I'm going with my sister and the line is good, not as good as last year but I'm not complaining. Besides, it’s the first time I will be going to a football stadium, even if it’s not to see a football match. It’s good enough. But I would like to go to the Jingle Bell ball too in December but exams always come in. We shall see.

But here is to a good weekend after a very busy week.