Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The End (Part 2)

I finally graduated in BSc Biomedical Science, with a First Class no less. I was busy in the Enquiry Unit till Thursday 24th, working and then going home to sleep more than eat. During the ceremony, I was only allowed to take two people. I don't know if this was a good thing or bad thing. My sister had to sit in the car but knowing her she would have fallen asleep during the ceremony just to embarrass me when my name was called out, but my dad cheered me on when it was dead silent. I'm surprised my dad didn't sneak confetti and party poppers into the cathedral.

But a tip for those who will graduate, take bobby pins because it is one heavy hat you have to wear and take lots of safety pins. It’s an actual heavy 3-piece suit; it’s like wearing carpet and walking around for 3 hours.

I didn't feel like it was the end till my dad started to drive away. Three years done and it only felt like it was yesterday that I met my friends for the first time during our Induction. Then we took every step together and now we're going to go our separate ways. We are ALL going to go our separate ways. Even though throwing our hats in the air meant that this was the end, it also means that another milestone has been completed - That I was on my way to complete another milestone.

But from now till then has a months gap. A hot month of random fasting with only fruits and very little nuts since all they do is give me a headache. But on the other side of things, I've been hooked to Food Factory on Discovery Science and I learnt things that we never question.

Like did you know...
1) An Aubergine/Egg Plant is actually a fruit, more specifically a berry. My mum didn't believe me and her dad/my grandfather grows these in his back garden.
2) In chocolate chip cookies, they mix ice cubes into the dough to stop the chocolate chips melting. Who knew?
3) A lettuce is from the sunflower family.
4) Cashews in my opinion have the weirdest origin. I'm never going to look at cashews the same way again.

The fact that my academic year has ended means that the New Academic Year is about to roll around corner. And that means the beginning of a new clearing period so let the fun begin.

Take care my dear bloggers and don't forget to check out our Clearing Diary 2014!!

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