Friday, 17 January 2014

A New Start

Dear Readers,


My holidays weren't all that, I revised the whole three weeks and when I got to my exam, I didn't remember a thing. It's ironic how I can remember something that happened once and years ago but not something I've been learning for four months over and over again. Medical Biochemistry wasn't that bad except I totally bluffed one essay question with knowledge from the back of my head and Cancer was amazing, though I managed to successfully confuse myself with the cancer drugs that I had learnt in so much detail. We’ll see what happens. Can’t dwell on things you can’t change.

I went to see the London fireworks of 2014. Got a little wet but I was singing my heart out on Waterloo Bridge with 150,000 other people. But it was amazing, like a fairy tale. I was one of those things you can be in a daze at until it stops, like fire or a running stream. But the journey home was a nightmare and yes, it did involve a jam packed central line at 3 o’clock in the morning, and the driver threatened to stop the train if someone opened the middle doors again. To think, I could have been stuck on the central line with no breathing space!

I finally started my project, so far its about 12 pages and I have about 25/120 references, not so good because I hate reading journals, they’re not exciting like fiction books but I’ll just motivate my self with food. But I need to edit and get on with my labs. Starting term 2 this week, Hematology, Cell Pathology and Advanced Immunology. I just about got Basic Immunology and now Advanced Immunology, I’ll let you know how I get on but I am dreading it.

But all the TV shows I watch like PLL is starting up again. I’m so excited to just come home after a long day of lectures and watch girls go at each other over no reason. Entertainment on my Mac, on demand. My imagination gets the better of me sometimes. But those who had exams, I hope it all works out and those who will, good luck.

But just remember, there’s no point dwelling on things that are done. All you can do I move on and do better next time.

Take Care Bloggers

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