Friday, 21 February 2014

Not the month of Love but the month of Cake!

Dear bloggers,

It's been a busy month but I'm just doing one thing at a time. Cervical cancer essay is due this month and I was over by 100 words but I cut it down. The lesson I learned during this coursework is to eject your USB properly or you will lose your work even if you save it. This is how I spent another day re-doing my references. But I finished it before the deadline and it's a good thing I saved it in three different places.

Now I need to do the ADVANCED immunology case study which is easy but it's long. Not to mention my project write up which I need to fix. I haven't started my method section but I'm still doing the practical side so it's hard to write up the method.

Labs is amazing though even though it's tedious because we have to wait a lot for results to turn up. Which funnily enough we get good results every Thursday. So far we've done PCR and we've cloned and cultured E6 and E7 which took two weeks to do but we got there in the end. And now all we have to do is send it of to be sequenced.

But it's been a fun month so far, I turned 21 and got to eat TWO fresh cream cakes and I did feel sick after but it was totally worth it. My friend decided to drag me to Nando's in the cold and rain but I got cake and then my parents surprised me when I got home so I got more cake.

I love cake! And just remember to eject your USB properly. :)

Take care bloggers xxx

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